Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sleepless in Mexico Week 10

Ok, well this week really has been really quick, but it really hasn't been all that awesome. So, walking through the water of Mexico kinda made my stomach weird for a couple days, but after that, I felt fine. The only thing that I could use more of is sleep! OH MY GOSH! Elder Lugo snores like a darn mammoth! I swear! I wake up every single night probably 4 or 5 times just to say "lugo, sleep on your side please!", and I have literally got up in the middle of the night, pillow in hand, and just staight up walked over to his bed and just whack him in the face just so I can get a couple minute head start to try to fall asleep... I actually sometimes, when he won't wake up, I physically go over to his bed, grab his mattress, and flip him over so that he has to sleep on his side, at least long enough to fall asleep; the only problem is that most people, when they are forced to wake up will be super drowsy and not even know what's going on, not Lugo... He is instantly awake and saying "que paso" or "what's up" and I don't even have enough time to dive back to my bed to try to fall asleep! I need some military/ nuclear warefare-grade earplugs so I can get some sleep, and he will be my companion til christmas, so I would like quite a few of them, PLEASE!

Ok, so our investigator Michael FINALLY has a baptismal date! I am SO excited! He has been being taught for 6 months, and finally, Elder Walker and I (we were on divisions) just told him. "are you a medium or large?" and "Do you want to be baptized in the morning or at night?" And even though he was kinda having a fit that we were making him have a commitment, the next day, he is actually doing what we ask him. He is reading and praying, and we stop by EVERY SINGLE day for a little bit to answer any questions he has or problems. It is so great to finally get him to be baptized. He has wanted to be baptized for SOOOOO LONG, but he has done things that have made him feel like if he is baptized, he will simply fail, and fall back into those old habits and problems. We assured him that he won't, and that God, as well as the missionaries, would always be around for support, as well as the ward.

Ok, so now for the funny stuff. So, we went to a party, and I had to do the dougie, so they turned on the music for a second, and I did it. Since then, every missionary that was there, when they see me, they ask me to teach them how to dougie, or catdaddy, or whatever. So last tuesday night, we all dressed up different, and I had on my suit jacket, my white striped basketball pants, my yoda shirt, and my orange and yellow sunglasses. Lugo wore a pink shirt and his suit, walker was dressed like a jabbawokee, and paredes was dressed like a hipster, and we made a dougie video, it was SO SWEET! 

Ok, so Mom, I know you don't want me to eat weird stuff, but that just can't be prevented, I have not gotten sick, worms, or any other thing from the food so far, and you guys are probably going to think this next thing is gross, so just a heads up! So on wednesday, we went to lunch at a sister's house who doesn't come to church very often, and therefore, didn't know that I don't really eat hot food. So she served us two HUGE green chilis that were stuffed with cheese, and had lots of rice. I was STARVING, and everyone said that I had to eat chili eventually, so I just went hard. I ate every single bit of the chili, which is one of the hottest things they cook with in Mexico. My mouth was burning, and my lips were on fire, but I ate all of it. It was even SO HOT, that Lugo was about halfway done, stopped eating, apologized to the sister, and told her that it was just too hot for him to finish... I think I'm getting used to the spicy food! :) ok now for the gross part. I'm actually being serious, so prepare yourselves. So we had this stuff called mole, and I told you guys what treepa is (pig intestine). Well, Mole is what they clean out of the pig intestine before they sell it to be cooked. People buy what came out of the pig intestine and cook it in a type of spicy barbeque sauce, and it actually tastes really good! I had a few tacos of it, and it didn't but me.

Ok, so I was on divisions with Schaap, and we went to the Gonzales' Family to teach, and we had already eaten so much food that day, but when we were almost done, we see her starting to cook something, and we jsut lose all hope. She made us some hot oatmeal drink that is like a thick milk but with oatmeal in it, and it's hot. Then she puts 4 types of "pan" (bread) on a plate and gives it to us to eat, well, I went to the bathroom, come back, and she had went and bought 3 churros, and put four more pieces of toast smothered in frosting on the plate. Schaap and I look at each other, and I just say to him, "you ready to throw up? Cause there is no way that we are going to leave bread on this plate!" But then I realized "I really don't want to throw up..." hmmmm.... So that's when I thought of a genious Idea! I put my backpack in between us, and got out my water bottle, and schaap would watch the mom, and I would watch the rest of the family, and when they weren't looking, we would drop chunks of bread into my backpack, by the end of the visit, we had absolutely ZERO bread on the table, but it was really hard, in order to draw their attention, I told them that I knew Japanese! At this point, they were interested, and Schaap, even though he knew it was joke, tried to trip me up hard. I had to think of so many sounds that didn't sound anything like any language I had ever heard before. And they had me say some REALLY LONG SENTENCES. I was lucky that they never asked me to repeat anything, because there was absolutely know way I was going to be able to say anything I said a second time haha, but I think they eventually realized that I didn't know Japanese, but it was still really funny.

Another funny story.... My father-in-law!!!!!!!! Nobody freak out, nobody freak out! So we walk by this little tienda (little shops) every day, and this family is always outside visiting and everytime we walk by we say "afternoon" and "how are you guys doing?" But this one guy always replies "I'm doing good....... llierno" which interpreted means (son-in-law) and it's only funny because he says it to every white person that passes the tienda! So schaap and I were walking by, and we asked him how he was doing, he replies, "I'm good...... lliernos!" (sons in law!) So schaap and I look at him, point at him, and at the EXACT SAME TIME say "SUEGRO!!!!!" which means (father-in-law) He just started cracking up, and now he's really good friends with us, and we've explained, and he has explained to us, that it is a joke, and so now they are really good friends of ours. Don't freak out please, it really is a harmless joke!

USA! USA! USA! USA! Every time that I walk by drunk people at night, they all chant USA, and then attempt to speak english, so what elder Lugo and I do is each time they talk English, and it is directed at me, we stop walking, and I give them a really confused, blank look, and Lugo, in what very little english he knows, will say "what's up man? How you guys doing?" Then they all just get really confused and don't talk to us anymore haha But I did see this one guy, wearing an American Flag polo, with the stars on his right shoulder, and the stripes on every other part of the shirt! It was AWESOME! I would have taken a picture with him if it would have been safe. 

So lots of you guys are probably thinking that my mission is really crazy and dangerous because I've talked about how people have threatened to rob us, and it seems like I talk about drug lords ALL THE TIME, but let me put all of your guys worries to rest. All of our food is prepared very carefully, and even though I have not used my parasite drops or anything since the MTC, my stomach is actually doing awesome and I feel great. The members feed us weird stuff, but sometimes, we know that they are really giving us everything they have to feed us, and I am going to eat it. I really am careful with food, but as long as something won't give me a sickness (other than the bathroom), I am willing to try everything. I have got sick only once, yesterday.... but that was just because it was my first time eating pork, and they say that all the missionaries get sick the first time they eat pork ( i was not told this until I got sick... :/) But I really am careful with food, and how I take care of myself.

Time for the Tiangiis!! I LOVE tiangiis SO much, they are so awesome, and everything is super cheap! Today, I bought my first soccer Jersey! Oh yeah! It's official that I'm a Mexican Missionary! I bought a chivas jersey, and a pair of Puma shoes! What's funny is that all together, the Jersey and my shoes cost about $30! It is AWESOME!

I'm not sure what to really talk about, cause even though a lot of stuff has happened this week, I really just can't remember much of hit right now... :/ I guess I just want to let you all know that I love you all sooo much, and think about you often, and just a heads up, I got an AWESOME IDEA this week! So, everytime we eat something that tastes AWESOME, I ask the sister for her recipe, and starting next week, I am going to put a recipe in my email, so that if anyone wants to get a small taste of my week in mexico, they are welcome to!

I hope you all have an incredible week, and I hope you know that the church really is true, and it will not only change our lives, but the lives of the people that we know and love! This week we have talked a lot about becoming truly converted like the anti-nephi-lehites, and I know that know matter how strong we are, we can always keeps growing, and become ever-more converted to the gospel! I encourage you all to share your testimonies often because I find, that as I bear my testimony to people, that I actually learn from what I say, and my testimony only grows stronger! The book of mormon is true, and we have the difficulties that we have because they are meant to make us stronger, and the spirit will ALWAYS TELL US when we are headed in the direction of trials that we can not overcome. Listen to those promptings, and your lives will be blessed more than you can possibly imagine!!

Love you all, and I hope you have an incredible week! God has special blessings for each one of you! Live in a way so that you may truly receive ALL of them!!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL AGAIN!

Elder Nathan Bill Norr

Oh, and before I forget, mom, before you freak out because I ate pig crap, it's not really pig crap. Mole is really just like barbecue chicken! haha ¡VIVA MEXICO!

Hey, there aren't going to be many pictures this week because I left my camera and SD card at the house, but I'm using Walker's camera. My jersey is for the Chivas and walkers is from Germany

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