Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week of Miracles!‏

 This week was absolutely incredible! I just felt that there was sooo much revelation and good things that happened last week! We have been doing well with our investigators! Guadelupe has been progressing really well! We taught her the plan of salvation and she totally understood it. She has committed herself to reading the book of mormon more too! SHe couldn't come with us to churhc.... :( but we have an appointment with her tomorrow! We are hoping to meet her family! 

Funny story! So, my companion, Elder Blotter, thought he saw the other 2 office elders go down into the bottom floor where all the bunk beds are (basement, super cool, perfect for sleeping) for a siesta. It was p-day so there wasn't a problem, but my companion and I have a different p-day so before we left (they had shut the door to the room so no one would go in and mess with them like we normally would) Elder Blotter grabs a spair mattress and wedges it inbetween the stair and the door. It wasn't like they couldn't get out because if you pushed the door a little harder, the mattress would just fall anyways. It was just a little funny thing. We get back home, and the mattress is still in place, and the door is still locked. We came to the conclusion that they had not really been in the room like my companion had thought.. Anyways, that was just background... So last night I went down to shut off the lights and make sure the door was shut. I noticed the light was on in this bedroom...... freaky..... So we decided to go in through a sketchy basement window. it was pitch black, and I was with both the assistants when we jumped down there. We drop through the window into the bathroom (there is a door inbetween the bed and bathroom) Elder Perea (assistant) jumps down first, and then i jump down with him. I go and open the door quick, and there is nothing in the room.... no one..... nothing..... Hmmmm. So i go and unlock the door, and I was looking for the lightswitch and elder perea sticks his hand out the door and shuts off the lights...... :/ The light swith to the room was in the hall and someone had turned it on by accident without noticing!!!! We were freaking out there for a while thinking about why the light was on haha 

So, now for the SUPER AWESOME SPIRITUAL STUFF! There has been a family that has not been to church really in almost 5 years. The family Macedo. When I first got to the area, a member told us where they lived and we went to see them. We would go at least once or twice a week and not find them. Finally after a couple of weeks, his brother opened up and gave us Brother Macedo's phone number. I called him and they said they would go to church, but they didn't.... They hadn't really went to church even though they had said multiple times to ward members that they would go. Well guess what?!??!?!?! They have been going for the last 6 sundays! :) YAAAAAAAAY! We have been teaching them once a week in their home. It is a family of 3 and they have a little boy. This last thursday we taught about the importance of scripture study and the spirit was SOOO STRONG! Finally, at the end of the lesson, they told us they wanted to share something with us. What was it? quote:"Elders, starting this sunday, we are going to pay our tithing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" YESSSSSSSSSSS! It was such a sweet moment, and then they asked to take a picture of us with them and they are going to print it out and send it to us! AWESOME! 

The spirit has been sooo strong lately! And I feel like I am definitely becoming more in-tune with it. I know that this church is true because any church can have good things happen in it, but only in the true church can constant miracles become a reality! I know that God lives and even though I have never seen him, I feel his love and his protection. he listens to us as we pray and strengthens us when we stand in need! I am grateful for the gospel in my life and know that if we follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, we will find happiness, and I mean TRUE HAPPINESS forever! I know it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Elder Norr

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