Thursday, April 9, 2015

Conference weekend!-20 Months Out

Hello there again! Many of you are probably wondering where I have been for the last couple of weeks. I guess no one saw my "gone proselyting" sign on the door of my room haha 
Things have been really cool lately! We have found lots of really cool people that are accepting the gospel and we hope we can help them accept a couple of baptismal dates by the end of this week and invite them to come to church with us. 

First off, I don't really write too much on mondays cause wednesday is our P-Day. Since we are the secretaries, everyone comes in on monday for mail and other stuff and we don't really get th chance to do anything, so we have P-day on wednesday so if you don't see anything from me on monday or tuesday then don't get discouraged, cause it will get there. 

First the funny, then the really spiritual, even though it is all good stuff! So friday we were asked to not leave the offices for safety reasons, but no big deal. So, things were just pretty normal. Got up, ate breakfast, did exercise, and then we get looking at this little tiled 10 x 12 foot patio that we have in the very middle of the building. It has no ceiling or roof and has concrete walls on all sides with a door to get in. What happened with a bunch of 20 year old creative, hard working, active, handsome young men with way too much free time on their hands? We cut the top off of a 5-gallon bucket, grabbed some screws and a drill and put up a basketball hoop in the patio. We didn't have a ball, so we resorted to my volleyball, and just had 1 on 1 on 1 games to 21 for hours! It was so much fun, but I woke up sooooo sore the next day! It was a really awesome conference weekend! There was fun, but also the spirit!

Who got to watch conference?! I did! This time was my last general conference, and I decided to watch it all in spanish! It was a little bit of a different experience, but the spirit was there all the same! One of our incredible investigators named Guadelupe (Gua-day-loo-pay) come to conference, and in the second talk I noticed she had closed her eyes for a sec (that's normal), but during the congregational hymn I asked her how she had felt and she asked me about my notebook that I was jotting things down in. I told her that as I listened the spirit would sometimes tell me to write things down that would help me in my life and my issues and those were the things I was writing down. I then asked her "do you know what the holy ghost is?" She replied no, and I explained a little bit to her about who he is and what his role is, and then I mentioned that maybe while she was at church, talking to us, praying, singing hymns, etc that she may have felt peace or love. She lit up and said "I FEEL THAT! I have honestly jsut had sooo many of my questions answered in these last few minutes that I have been here (the first hour of conference). I really feel that way here now." It was SOOO AWESOME! The spirit was soo strong, it was just like a cloud (figuratively) in the church building. Guadelupe is soo awesome and wants the gospel in her life! Can't wait to see her tomorrow!

That should be it. I think one of my favorite things from conference is from Elder Caussé of the seventy. "The path doesn't change that much, but our eyes do." (I hope I translated that right) Many times the things that we do in our life based on our circumstances seem rather ordinary and we fall into the habit of seeing things as ordinary, or even boring. This can include church activity, sports practice, scripture study, homework, even everyday miracles, but we must be careful not to fall into this thought process. Everyday miracles are still miracles, and maybe we just need to open our eyes a little wider to see something new and exciting in the routine things we do daily, weekly, or monthly. God has given us the incredible ability de recibir revelación por medio de su santo espiritu, y if we pay attention, nos daremos cuenta de verdades hermosas y nuevas en the everyday things that to us seem "ordinary". I know that the lord will talk to us and give us guidance if we listen, and if we look for something new and exciting, we will find it. I got 20 months now.... that's weird, but I find myself getting excited over things like it was my first month in mexico, and I'm LOVING IT! Try it! You'll have a great week!

Elder Norr

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