Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2 Transfers left!‏

WOW! I cannot believe how fast this last transfer was, and honestly, I think it was probably one of the hardest transfers that I have had. But now it is over and this transfer is going to be even better! So now Elder Blotter and I are in just a normal companionship and we have already met some pretty awesome people this cycle in the area. Yesterday we went out to work, and we already found 2 new people that said they would come to church on Sunday with us! YAY! Also, we are hoping that a couple of the investigators that we are already teaching will be able to come with us to church this week and we shall see if we can help them take another step towards baptism! :)

Today was weird. Today Elder Schaap went home. I met him my VERY FIRST DAY OF THE MISSION! We have the same trainer and everything. And we have been in the same district, zone, house, for about a year! It was kinda weird saying bye to him at the airport, but he served his time, and now it is time for me to finish serving the rest of mine! It is just strange now that people that I have know for a long time start to go home. It just seems like time is going by SOOO Quickly now!

Cool experience! So yesterday we had to go on an errand to help out one of the assistants that went home today. We had to run to the market in the center of town to pick up a couple of last minute things he didn't have time for. So on the way back, instead of taking the metro train like normal, we decided to try something different and take the metrobus. it is pretty much like a metro, but they are buses instead of trains and drive on the surface streets of Mexico City. So we get on and the bus is supposed to stop at station "Ethiopia", but instead it goes about 2 stations and everyone gets off. We are like "sweet! Now we can sit down!" nope, the only people on the bus were us and a man sitting towards the back that the sides of his head almost shaved and longer, slicked back hair on top. We asked him if the bus was going to ethiopia and he told us that it should. However, a minute later, we got off the bus. The other man decided to go talk to the conductor. SIDEPOINT: So the doors on the metrobuses are like double-doors that also pivot (if that makes sense). So they just kinda scissor together, hard, when they shut. So the man comes back to talking with the conductor, and he already looks upset. If that isn't enough, he is about to step out of the train, and the conductor shuts the doors on him; he is pretty much just talk pinned in between 2 hydraulic doors. We were close, so I ran over and pried the door open so he could get out. At this point, the man is pretty ticked, but thanks us for helping him. When the next bus comes, we get on, and I am standing pretty close to him. He has his headphones in, and suddenly I just feel the impression: "TALK TO THIS MAN!!!!!!" I tried to not really think about it, because truth be told, he kinda scared me a little bit haha After a couple of minutes of repeatedly feeling this same way, I decide to talk to him. We start out talking about las vegas, and life, but to make a long story short, I start explaining a little bit about the missionaries, and he starts having questions, and as things just keep moving along, not only do we get the chance to explain a little bit about ourselves, but we get his address, and we get to explain quite a bit about the restoration, and he wanted to learn more!!!!!!! He doesn't live in our area, but we are going to pass the reference to the other elders in our mission! Hopefully he will get baptized before I go home so I could go!

I don't think I really have too much more to write this week! Things have been going well, and for the most part I have been healthy (always a good thing!). I suppose that I will just end this week's email with my testimony of the restored gospel. We must understand the importance of what Joseph Smith really did! We must understand that we would not have the gospel today if he had not had the courage and faith to ask our father in heaven to know which church was true! I testify that we must know these things if we expect to find peace in this life. I know that the church has been restored through Joseph Smith, and that the Book of Mormon is true! Where would we be without the knowledge and testimony that we receive through the book of mormon? Think about it. I know that Christ leads his church. I know that we are imperfect people, but that if we strive, we will be made acceptable before God! He loves us, and wants us to learn and grow! Let us strive to understand more fully the restoration of the gospel and the blessings we receive, have received, and will receive in the future because of it! I know this will help us stay strong in times of need! :)

I love you guys! 
Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Norr

P.S. Picture time! 
1) A selfie with all of the newbies/ assistants that got here on monday!
 2) Sister Luque. She got here when I was being trained. She is back home in Argentina!
 3) What? Even luchadors get hungry sometimes! haha
Saying Bye to Elder Schaap at the airport
 It wouldn't be an airport trip without the Krispy Kreme doughnut stop!
 Bowtie family pic at the changes!

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