Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting with the big on this week‏-19 Months Out!!

This week I am starting with the big letter, or I am almost 100% sure that I won't get it done. There is a lot of stuff we have to get done in the offices, and if we aren't careful, it can be really tough to get it all done sometimes. So, starting with this week, we had a really cool week, but we are also going through some minor trials lately. First, we have an incredible family, the familia Calderón. Nacho and wendy are the parents, and they have 2 kids. We have never really gotten the chance to meet both of there kids, but we ran into Wendy when we walked by her house around wednesday. So here's how the story goes:

Us: Hey Hermana, what's up? how ya doing?
Her: I have been good.
I'm too lazy to do the dialogue, but here is what went down. We asked her if she had been reading the book of mormon, and she replied yes and then continued to explain to us about nefi, how he was the obedient son and how he had 2 older brothers that didn't want to listen to their dad or the lord. She told us about how they went back for the brass plates and everything! SWEET! Then we ask her if she had read 3 nefi 11 (the chapter we had left her) She also replied "sí" and then told us that it explained baptism and that everyone needed to be baptized. DOUBLE SWEET! We weren't able to get an appointment with her cause she was super busy and they weren't able to attend with us this week, but WE'LL GET'EM!!!!!! This family is way to chosen to just let them go!

We have also had some really cool experiences with some less active members this week. So, come to find out, Brother Cruz had been less active for years when we met him, and he has been coming to church with us for the last 3 weeks!!! MIRACLE!!!!! Also, there is this super sweet lady named "marcela" and she has 2 sons that are kind of in that arrogant, "i'm the man" phase, and they haven't really been wanting to go to church. She has had it rough, but she said she wanted to help her sons, and have things "like they used to be". I replied that if she wanted things to be like they used to be, then she would need to do the things that she used to do (aka read, pray, go to church, etc.) and she committed herself to go to church.... and SHE WENT!!!!!!!!!!! So cool! We are really seeing people who want to change their lives, but satan just finds any way possible to throw a rock in our path. We can beat him though!!!!!

Also, this week we got to do some really cool stuff in the street, other than contacting ;) haha We walked by this house and there was a cumbia/salsa/ rock band practicing, but they weren't the type of band that all the neighbors hate, but rather the neighbors were in their windows and in the streets listening. I say hi and whistle at the guy that is playing the bongos (ok, mexican culture time!!!!! When you see someone you know, or a homie, with the wave, there is a whistle. Not like a cat call, but we've gotten those before too haha but just a normal whistle) he whistles back and they start playing even more. On our way back, we stopped by to see if we could take a picture. They said yeah, so i was out on the street trying to fit everyone in the picture, but the singer says "man, come on in": They all grab their stuff and just huddle around us to take a picture. Super cool guys! They gave us their card and facebook and everything! There will be pictures!

Also, Elder Goodman and I made sandwhiches for everyone last night with chapata bread and the works. We dressed up as waiters and served everyone individually in the offices just to lighten things up a bit for dinner! It was really funny, but also really cool to help make food for everyone! 

This week I have been reading in the book of mormon. In the last couple of days, I have really wanted to read more. I have been reading the the first 13 chapters of Mosiah, and it is really interesting a lot of the repeated phrases and warnings from the lord. I think it probably says like 10 times, just between ch.10 and 13, "unless they will repent". Repentance is something so important in our lives. Repentance is what makes heavenly blessings and help available to those who wish to live worthily, but struggle because of our imperfect state. That's what Christ is for! He came so that we may recieve forgiveness if we are willing to repent. I know that the lord lives, and if we are willing to be humble, he, through the holy ghost, will make it known unto us that which we need to do to be made better. I am grateful that he came and that he has made it possible that even int he times of trial and doubt we may find peace and reassurance in his gospel. I know that lord has restored his church, and that he loves his children. Pray to him; talk to him. He listens and answers prayers.

Have a great week!
Love Elder Norr

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  1. I enjoy reading Elder Norr's letters! I also have a daughter serving in this mission - they're in the same zone right now and there was a picture of him put on facebook by the MP's wife last week at zone conference! Are you on FB?