Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hoping for miracles‏

This week has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FASSSSSSSSSSSST! I cannot beliieve that this cylce is already over! Tomorrow we have changes, and my dad, ELDER LUGO, is officially going to end his mission.... Can't believe how fast it's been. I only have 3 cycles left...... Things have went well this week, but I just got kinda tired. 
It's not easy to always try to stay strong. I feel like sometimes even though I am not that tired physically, your spirit just takes a hit every now and again just form trying to be doing your best all the time. I think this is why it is so important to understand that not EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME is work, work, work. It is ok to enjoy yourself. It is ok to do different things. We just always have to understand that we always need to make time for God.

This week, we had some pretty cool things happen. We found some really cool less active families, and some families that have not been to church in years came on sunday!!!!!! Not everything in the work of salvation is baptisms. there are also lots of people who have already been baptized that have fallen away from the gospel.

Cool experience. So I included in my prayer a few days ago that God would help me know who I needed to talk to. I really felt like there were a couple of people that I really needed to talk to, and more than once I was completely rejected by those people. God doesn't always tell us to do things for others so that there will be instant gratification, but rather the Lord has everything so well planned out that he tells us to do things so that he can get the plane back on path one degree at a time.

Also, I pretty much talked to Goliath this week in teh street. WE have an apointment with him on thursday and we will see if we can find him!

I think that is everything.
One more thing. I was reading in the Ensign for March at the end. It says that What is said in the scriptures has no force unless backed by MODERN-Day REVELATION! We believe in modern, continuous revelation that allows the lord to guide his church from the heavens. We must therefore be informed on what our modern-day prophets are saying. I know that the Lord has called his servants in our day and that if we listen to their words and are willing to have faith, we will receive guidance that will bless us for our whole lives! I know this church is true! I know that the Lord answers our prayers!

Have an awesome week!
Elder Norr

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