Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 2 of "the office"‏

Ladies and Gentleman, could I please have your attention please! This week has definitely been a different week! Started out pretty normal, but FUN FACT #1: As Secretaries, we are pretty much in the offices all day on monday getting everything ready for the week, so we normally take our P-Day on wednesday. So last week we were pretty much in the offices on monday. Tuesday we had to go to Migration in Polanco (aka Rich town). our companion, Elder Vallejo, had to go starting at like 10, but at like 1 we had to go out to meet him and then we had to hang out there til 4 waiting to get green cards. We decided to go out for lunch, and guess what we got??????!!!! PANDA EXPRESS!!!! It's one of the only ones in Mexico city! It was delicious! Then we had to wait forever for green cards, and I got to have an awesome experience as I decided to talk to a family that was waiting outside the migration building. I gave them the plan of salvation pamphlet and just said "i know that your family can be together forever. We know that. If you need anything, we will be around here for the next while." I went back, sat down, and 2 seconds later they were already reading it! It was a really cool experience and I felt the spirit super strong. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but it was totally worth it!

Ok, now going back to monday. SLUMBER PARTY at Pres. Stutz' house! But first..... stitches...... Luckily they weren't mine. I opened the window to the back patio to let some air in. A little while later, an elder went out and then we just here a "thwonk!" and he came in saying "ow, that hurt." Then we see blood running down his head. He had walked into the corner of the window and it had cut an inch long deep cut in his forehead/hair line that was bleeding pretty good. They took him to the doctor and he got some stitches. He's perfectly fine now; no problems nor complications nor anything else!

Ok, now.... SLUMBER PARTY!!!! We went to where president's house is...... SUPER FRESH!!!!!! He lives in a house that pretty much reminds me of the temple. He took us out for tacos at a delicious taco place called "3 coyotes". I ordered a "gringa" (giant delicious quesadilla-type thing) and a tongue taco. That's right! COW TONGUE BABY!!!!! It was soft, and didn't taste that bad. I LIKED IT! Yes, there will be pictures after this! Then we headed back and watched meet the mormons! It was incredible! We watched it in spanish, but that was cool because when the puerto rican woman (boxer) was talking, she was talking in her native language and it was her real voice! I loved meet the mormons. I definitely had a couple flashbacks with the last "missionary" family. Then we slept in incredible beds that the pres has in his house and the next day we had pancakes!

Friday!!!! We took elder bryce to the airport to send him back to his fam in arizona. It was a little different, but I really wasn't sad or trunky seeing him go! He had served the time the lord asked oh him, and now it's my turn to finish strong. It was a little different being on my own in the offices as the financial secretary, but I am definitely relying on Celestial help to be able to do all the things i need to! 

Last thing! We found a super less-active man named Magdaleno Cruz. Come to find out he was a professional boxer and a temple worker! We passed by for him on sunday and he came out super fresh, suit and all! It was really cool!!!!

Been loving the mission lately, but it has been different. I can't believe that I now have less than 5 months left on the mission! I just feel like time is going SOOOOOOO fast lately! If we want to or not, time will just keep moving. It's kinda hard, and definitely tiring trying to keep up with it, but if we just do all that we can and try to be effective and efficient it's interesting to see how everything seems to fit into place. This is a special time to be alive: The dispensation of the fullness of times is a special time for special spirits! We must always remember to be strong and never let go of what we know to be true! 

I know that this church is true! I know that Joseph smith saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ! I know that We have a living prophet in our day and that if we listen to his council, we will stay on the straight and narrow path that leads us back to our heavenly father! I love the Lord! I love his church! i love being a missionary!!!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! :)

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