Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Episode 1 of "The Office"

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing great! This week has been kinda crazy.... Last week, on monday, I recieved a call from President Stutz and he invited me to accept the assignment to serve as the Financial secretary of the Mission. Ummm.... I just kinda sat there with my hands on my head and I told him I would call him back. I knew I was going to need to accept the calling, and even though I was super sad to have to leave that AWESOME area, I am really glad I have the chance to be here in the offices. it's definitely different over here. We live in the offices in a pretty fresh part of the the city. We have piped water (no tank on the roof), hot water all the time, washer, DRYER, carpet, a house lady, everything! I feel sooo blessed to be here, but we haven't had a whole lot of time in my area with me being trained and everything. Things'll get better!

My companion is Elder Vallejo de Alpine Utah, and he's a cool guy. Elder Bryce is from Arizona and he is training me before he goes home THIS FRIDAY!!!!! 

It has been an interesting week. We have a pretty cool ward. Supposedly it starts with like 15 or 20 people, but this sunday we had like 70 or 80! That was awesome!!!!!! I am learning a lot. Plus, I am starting to HATE CASH. I am in charge of registering EVERY spenditure in the mission, and I have to keep a pretty clean book of it. I don't think that there is too much to say this week. I have enjoyed it, and i hope to work hard in this area! 

Gotta go! We are going to have a (quoting president stutznegger) "slumber party" at his house and we are going to watch MEET THE MORMONS!  Yes!

I would just like to end with my testimony. I was reading a little more about testimony this week from President Kimball. I liked something he said: "Any minister or Priest can site scripture and then provide an explanation, but not any minister or priest can give a testimony." A testimony is a declaration of what one knows to be true as given by the spirit. There is no need to make it more complicated than "I know....". I know that the Lord lives. This is his church. I know that the priesthood of God has been restored in our day to provide the ordinances necessary/essential to someday return to the presence of God with our families. I know that the Lord loves each of us. I know that we have a purpose here on earth, and I know that if we are humble, God will let us know everything that we need to do! :) Have a great week!

Elder Norr

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