Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just gettin robbed again...8 Months Out

Well hello there you incredible people! This week has been great! First off, no. I did not get robbed this week, but I knew it would catch some attention and give you all a little more desire to read this quickly. Things have been going good, but we are running into some problems. We found 7 new investigators this last week (2 weeks ago) but this week, we didn't really find anyone. And the people from last week seemed to disappear... We pass by, but they aren't home for the appointment. We leave a card expressing our love for them and ask them to call us to set up another appointment, but that's about it.... Discouraged????? PSYCH!!!! NOPE!!! That just makes it easier to weed out the people who really have an interest and desire to know more about this gospel! I truly love all of these people, but they have their agency to choose. I love being a representative of Christ, and I know that we will find people to teach as we search and contact with faith. I know that Christ lives and that we are his servants here in Mexico to help people understand his Gospel. This week is going to be great! I can feel it in my bones! Hope you all have a great week! Love Elder Norr.............................
Wow, that would be a really lame letter if I didn't say anything about what happened this week! So, we have kinda been on the slow end this week. We have been contacting lots of people, but we haven't been having much success, but ......AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (choir of angels) we found an INCREDIBLE WOMAN named Maria De La Luz. She let us into her home and inside here home was a 5 foot tall statue of the "virgin Guadelupe" (look it up if you don't know what it is) She was telling us a little bit about herself and she really needs the gospel. She told us lots of stuff and told us that she wants us to help her find answers in her life because it gets crazy sometimes. I know that she will be able to progress. She talks really direct with us and lets us know her thoughts (al fin!!!!!) I know that she can progress!
Ok, so now we get to the other stuff! CONFERENCIA BEBE!!!!!! So, this time, the conference was an interesting experience. First off, we get there, and there is only one room set up....huh, weird....where do we white people watch this lovely conference. I go talk to the stake president. "oh, we don't have keys to the other room.... YOU WILL HAVE TO WATCH IT IN SPANISH!!!!" Well, I can truly say that I KNOW NOTHING!!!! haha I understood mostly everything, but then I put my head down to write a note or two, look up, and.....BAM!!!! What is he talking about again???? NI IDEA!!... :/ it was hard to understand, then try to write notes while still listening and understanding and then return to listening... But it was an interesting experience. Something that I will say, it is not the same when you don't listen to the voices of the people speaking. needless to say, we got the keys to the room and we watched the next session and the priesthood session in english! First off, spanish 101 Planchar (means to iron clothes) is also used as chewing out or to correct someone firmly. I can honestly say that the priesthood session planched us all (hope you understood that) They talked with so much power and authority and they said so many incredible things that I will remember forever!!! First, we need loads in our life. If we don't have loads, we will never have the traction necessary to move us forwards. Also, DON'T SLEEP THROUGH THE RESTORATION!!!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.... PLANCH! That is something that really touched my soul. How many of us are "sleeping" when we should be helping the lord accomplish his work. Another thing that came to mind. Sleep walking is still sleeping. We can't just go through the motions. We need to dive in and be prepared to do what the lord wants us to. As a missionary of our living savior Jesus Christ, I have seen what happens when people sleep, or at least start to nod off. Here's a question (i'm pulling out the soap box) what happens if you are driving a car and you fall asleep? Well that obvious, you will go off course and likely crash. It is the same principle in our lives. We can't be cruising and let ourselves sleep. WE WILL CRASH!! Even I as a missionary have my moments when I start to nod off at the wheel. I testify that we need to stay away and stay focused because that is what is required to be able to reach our destination. I know that God loves us all more that we can possible imagine. I know and testify that truth is truth, no matter what we want to believe, and that truth will always be fought be that which is false. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. I may be imperfect and stumble at times, but I have the desire to stand and walk again. I invite all to do so. It doesn't matter who we are, what we have done, or what we are going through. The gospel will bless our lives and bring us safely back home to our father in heaven! I know that God and his son Jesus Christ live and that Christ leads this church today. I love you all and wish you the best. Hope you have a great week and remember that this gospel is for living!!!! (hope that made sense)
Love ya all!
Elder Norr

 here are a couple of pictures that i took with the people from my ward! Karla and maricela, Presidente Herrera (he injected me), Hugo Olimpo (first baptism) and Elder chico and I!!

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