Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miracle & A Suit

Ok, so i literally have 20 minutes to read all of your letters and respond because we went to the center today! CRAZY! It was soo sweet! But we have done pretty much nothing but that all day, and it has been crazy! I got to eat my first ice cream cone in 4 months, and we had to go to the offices today to drop off all of our baptismal sheets and stuff.

I really do have an incredible story to tell you guys about one of our investigators named isabel, but I really don't have time so you will all have to wait to see what happens next week on "mexican dreamin by Elder Nathan Norr" haha, but some other stuff that has happened this week is that we had 3 baptisms in our ward, and this really has been a good week of hard work and fun. I love getting all of your emails that you guys send me, and I promise I will respond to them this next week. 

Ok, so the scale has now become my best friend. When we went to the offices today, it was the first time I have seen a scale in 4 months. The last time I weighed myself at the mtc, I was 135, and this time, I stood on the scale. looked down. and BAM! 150!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! Finally, i gained 15 POUNDS! Its feeling good. I can almost feel the back fat coming now haha but seriously this week has been awesome, and I have got to do so many incredible things.

Black Friday1 Except for here it is 4 days and everything is dirt cheap. With my new found weight, my suit got a week bit snug, and short. So today while we were at the center of mexico, I BOUGHT A NEW ONE! today is the last day of "buen fin" which is their black friday, and I went into a super nice custom suit store, and all of their suits were dirt cheap. So i bought a custom fit solid black really classy suit for... 1000 pesos (75 dollars) and I also got a sweater and stuff, but I just love it here! The people are starting to be more open with me, and I try to bare my testimony often to them as strong and I feel I can. The language is growing, and I can't believe that thanksgiving is almost here.,

No, Mexico doesn't celebrate thanksgiving, but we are going to have a thanksgiving dinner and turkey bowl anyway!

I have to go to a meeting in the stake center, but I hope you all have an incredible week, and I hope you can all really understand how incredible the gospel is. No matter how good our lives may already be, it will always get better with the gospel. I love this church, and I hope this letter finds you all safe, sound, and happy!

Elder Nathan Norr

Hey mom, I took this last monday, but couldn't send it! Love you lots and hope you have an awesome week mom!
LOVE YOU!!!! :)

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