Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 6 MTC-Last Week

This week has been a good last week! Last saturday it POURED on us!!!!!!!! I went out for less than a minute, and I was so soaked that my hair looked as if i went swimming, and then elder lund and I had to go back and change ALL our clothes, including our garments. We were soaked clear through! So that was awesome, but then since we are on the bottom of campus, all the bark chips and stuff are now right outside our doors. Then, on sunday, we had an awesome talk from the mtc coordinator Richard I. Heaton on Prayer. He described how someday, when our name tags are no longer worn on our shirts, they will be engraved on our hearts. I hope to be the missionary that it is evident that the name of Jesus Christ is engraved on my heart. And then he explained that we can better our prayers and make them more sincere to help us build a stronger relationship with God. My prayers have really changed since I have been here, and i find that i am truly pleading with God for the assistance that I need, whether for the lesson we are teaching, or for the entire next day.
Tuesday we also had an INCREDIBLE talk, but this time, it was a general seventy member, Elder James B. Martino, and I got to sit in the FRONT ROW and SHAKE HIS HAND. Haven't washed it since tuesday... totally kidding, that would be weird... One of the best things he said was that "our attitude dictates our altitude in this life" and that really opened my eyes. Too many people force themselves to live on the bottom because they refuse to have expectations that will allow them to truly grow and become successful. i hope that all of us can have an attitude that allows us to reach celestial altitude. I know that we really will be bless for keeping a positive attitude, and we will be able to help life those around us as well.
we are getting really close as a district, and I can't believe sometimes that we are going to leave them. If feels like we have known them forever! i love them all to death, and i can't believe how much fun we have. This week we have 3 feet long PVC pipes and a huge box of nerf darts, and you can do some pretty serious shooting. Also, we play soccer each week, and things get pretty physical, but it's so much fun because everyone is normal, and we can just enjoy the time we have at the MTC. They truly help me grow in testimony, and i have had the incredible opportunity to be in on all the blessings they've gotten in the last couple weeks. We learned that it is always best to have someone write down blessings as we get them; that way, we can have them later to remember them in times of need.
Ok, so I have been STARVED from music for the last 6 weeks, and then it happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One song. During computer lab time. Blew my mind.  Brighter by Jessie Osmond. I was JAMMIN' for all of 2.5 minutes of it. Our district refuses to stop talking about it. It was played on I can't wait to get out to the field where I can listen to it with my companion while gettting ready.
Well, it seems like this just happened yesterday, but i'm packing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe it! I have so much more stuff, but I REFUSE to leave the superman basketball hoop!!!! That thing IS COMING to MEXICO with me! I can't wait to get down there and start helping the people out! I can't wait to teach a lesson in some hut and be able to feel the spirit! I love you all, and I don't really have anything else to say, but I will have more stuff next week! I love you all, and I will send you the pictures mom and dad! I will give you guys a call at 6:30 Utah time, and I will probably call again when we hit phoenix. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! This church is true, and I can't believe that I am actually serving the Lord right now! I know that through faith, we can call upon the power of God and receive the strength we need to overcome whatever obstacle that may be ahead of us! again, I LOVE YOU GUYS MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE RIGHT NOW!
My next email will be from MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Elder Nathan Norr :)
These are from the sister's cameras. The one with all of us in red white and blue was 9/11! and All the sisters say hi and that they love you guys!

 This is the "snapchat" face, and then Red, White, and blue day!

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