Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The familia Acosta Velazco got baptized!!!!!‏

Hello everyone, I decided to write today because we are going to be int he offices all day, and I doubt I will really be able to write on p-day because we are going to be gone most of the day. The family Acosta Velazco got baptized this last saturday! It was a beautiful baptismal service and I will never forget it. I would like to just write a little bit about their story today.

We received the familia acosta velazco as a reference from the sisters in the other ward. They had given her a quick guided visit of the stake center. Guadelupe (mom) had went to the elementary school in front of the stake center almost 40 years ago and had always wondered what happened inside. When we started teaching Guadelupe, she was just an incredible investigator! Her eyes just sparkled and she understood what we taught. She started to study on her own and began to know more and more as we kept teaching her. Finally, we got the chance to have an appointment with her whole family. They said it would be tough because they were really busy, but they made it to the appointment. We got to meet Jose Israel (father), Estafany (daughter 20), Daniel (son 18), and Fernanda (daughter 11). We started just kind of getting to know them, and right off the bat, they were open with us. They explained their doubts, questions, everything. After a couple lessons, the dad explained that he wasn't sleeping well in their home, and that they had all experienced some weird stuff in their home, but the person who really noticed was the dad. He had served in the military and had been a security guard too; he had seen some things that just wouldn't leave him alone. We felt we should give him a blessing. He accepted, and we gave him a priesthood blessing. The following week when we got to talk to them again, his wife told us that he hadn't had problems sleeping or anything since the blessing. SO COOL! The lessons continued, and they accepted the date for the 30th of May. We went to get them married on that saturday morning, the judge got their late, but when it was their turn, they couldn't get married. Guadelupe didn't have a social security number; like it really didn't exist. BUMMER. So the following week, without us, they went 2 or 3 times with the judge until they could finally get married! They got baptized on the 6th of June, 2015. I baptized Guadelupe, Estafany, and Fernanda. The spirit was sooooo strong. The baptism started a little late, but it was probably the strongest baptism I have ever been to. At the end, the time was given to Guadelupe and Israel to share their testimony and their feelings. Guadelupe bore the sweetest testimony and it was just soooo great! I wish I could have hugged that woman!!! But can't... Israel then stood up, and he has always been the one who keeps it together, is really calm, doesn't express much emotion. He thanked everyone for coming, and then his eyes started to water up. He then said "I'm grateful that my family can be here with me today. Thanks to those 7 minutes of tour that my wife got in the stake center, my entire family has been able to find the true church". My eyes started to tear up. It was such a sweet tender moment! Fany wasn't going to be able to make it to the confirmation, but everything worked out so that she could make it and stay at church. The confirmations were so beautiful. The spirit was soooo strong in the sacrament meeting, and it was also testimony meeting which made it AWESOME!!!!  This family truly is a one of a kind family! I love them dearly! Thank you for all of your prayers and support! I hope you all have a great week! 

This church is true! Live it! Love it!

Elder Norr
This is the familia ACOSTA VELAZCO!!!! THEY ARE JUST SOOOOOOOOO GREAT! They got baptized on saturday!!!!!
First, This is Hermano Salvador. He's an awesome brother. He helps us out all the time with our visits! This time we were painting that room that e are in!
 That's just me hanging out on p-day in my hawaiian shirt.
 Blotter and I got pretty excited when we got to put together the new vacuum for the offices haha

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